FOOD: Holiday Sweets

Spiced Apple Fritters
RECIPE: Spiced Apple Fritters
These crispy fritter bites are a mouthful of apple delight! They're best eaten right away but can be enjoyed cold or reheated. Makes about 3 dozen.
-recipe courtesy Foodland Ontario;

Apple Gingerbread Pudding Cake
RECIPE: Apple Gingerbread Pudding Cake
This warm cake has the rich flavours of gingerbread on top of apples and a caramel sauce. You could also use pears in place of apples.
-recipe courtesy Foodland Ontario;

The Best Quick Loaf with Crumble-Top
RECIPE: The Best Quick Loaf with Crumble-Top

This moist and lightly sweetened quick loaf is fun to wrap up in pretty packaging ““ perfect as a hostess gift or to bring to a teacher or neighbour. The hardest part is deciding which variation to make, apple, pear or carrot, full-size or mini? Serves 12.
-recipe courtesy Foodland Ontario;