Home-baked decadence without the fuss


Fairhome Interiors is serving up Luxe by Wildly Delicious cupcake mixes, 2-tier cupcake stands and silicone flower baking cups. Luxe puts cupcake mixes on a pedestal, literally with three irresistible new flavours packaged in unprecedented luxury: Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Lemon Glaze, French Vanilla with Crí¨me Brí»lée Butter Cream Frosting and German Chocolate with Toasted Coconut Frosting. Package includes cake mix, glaze and instructions for making decorative tops. They bake and serve beautifully in silicone flower baking cups.
Fairhome Interiors
468 Brant Street, Burlington; 905.333.4644; fairhomeinteriors.ca