Taste: Culinary News

Kitchenaid celebrates 100 years

Add iconic style to your kitchen with Kitchenaid’s 100 Year Limited Edition Queen of Hearts Collection, featuring a modern, passion-inspired colour and unique 100 year celebratory features. Products include a kettle, stand mixer, hand mixer, toaster and a limited edition 36” six-burner dual fuel freestanding range, commercial style – all in gorgeous vibrant red. Kitchenaid.com


Good for the ocean

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) blue fish label is an easy way to identify ocean-friendly, sustainable seafood when shopping for your next seafood feast. The blue fish label ensures that you are eating responsibly knowing your fish is as good for the ocean as it is for you. By selecting MSC certified products, you’re encouraging more retailers, restaurants, and other companies to make responsible choices by providing sustainably-sourced seafood. For seafood recipes visit  Msc.org


A new chocolate

Nestlé has announced it has created chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit, using the beans and pulp as the only ingredients with no refined sugar added. Until now, chocolate has been made with refined sugars. The new recipe uses only one ingredient (cocoa fruit). Typically,  a large proportion of pulp is removed and, until now, has not been used to naturally sweeten chocolate. The first Nestlé product of this kind will be introduced in Japan with more products coming next year through its popular confectionery brands. Nestle.com

dried beans of organic cocoa in jute bag

Vegan please

Plant-based butter and cheese brand Miyoko’s Creamery is introducing its award-winning cultured vegan butter to more than 1,000 grocery stores across Canada including Sobeys, Loblaws, Longo’s and boutique stores. Its Organic European Style Cultured Vegan Butter melts, spreads, bakes, sautés and tastes like the highest quality dairy butters. Soon to be introduced, are its vegan cheese products: Double Cream Classic Chive, Fresh Vegan Mozzarella and premium cheese wheels. Miyokos.com