Compact luggage

When it comes to purchasing the perfect set of luggage, half the battle is figuring out whether or not you have the room to store it when it's not in use. Do you leave it out in the open causing an eyesore or do you bury it in the closet, attic or garage to take up valuable space? With the new M Series collection from Road Warrior the answer is easy: neither. This innovative line is comprised of six foldable pieces of luggage that collapse to less than six inches (fully collapsible to half its depth) thanks to the “Micro-Pop” design. Each bag requires half the space of conventional upright luggage and comes with its own storage sleeve making it easy to hang luggage in the closet or stow under the bed. The collapsible carry-on, upright and wheeled duffels collapse quickly and easily with a tug on the molded red ripcords, and pops back to size with a quick pull on the handles, automatically locking luggage back into its full size. Offered in several colours, the luggage, made with ballistic nylon fabric, ranges from $329 to $399 and can be purchased online.