Primate adventure

Wild Planet Adventures gives travellers an unprecedented travel experience with the Uganda Ultimate Gorilla & Chimp Safari. Thanks to the company's recent acquisition of a rare four-hour Gorilla Habituation Permit, travellers now have the opportunity to spend half a day observing these majestic primates ““ four times more than is permitted on any other safari. Led by a team of experienced researchers, participants will be contributing to the careful habituation of a recently discovered gorilla troop, a process that is critical to the adaptation of gorillas to the human presence without abandoning their natural behaviours.  “While it might be seen as advantageous if humans simply refrain from contact with gorillas and avoid the need for such a habituation process, statistically that has proven to be more advantageous for poachers and deadly for gorillas,” said Josh Cohen, founder and director of Wild Planet Adventures. Additionally, travellers will join research teams on a full day chimpanzee habituation safari and nighttime walking safari in Kibale National Park, home to over a dozen species of primate.