Print those travel snaps

Create your own personalized travel story to share with friends and family or keep as a memento with Travel Diaries. Created by Dutch travel journalist Veerle Witte, contributor to National Geographic Traveler, Travel Diaries allow users to use an online editor to develop a free blog with images, maps and text. This easy to use platform can be shared with people back home or kept private and once the journey is complete can be printed into a six by eight-inch book for a fee. Through a variety of fonts and layouts you can develop a keepsake to look back on year after year, and can even request space in the book be left blank so you can paste in additional mementos from your trip such as ticket stubs.  “Everything is online these days, but I think so many memories disappear in our computers and it's really a shame,” said Witte. “That is what it is really about ““ preserving memories in a fun and lasting way.” Go online to sign up and start creating your story.