Roam Notes

Vegan Victorian vacation

Scotland’s first vegan hotel opened in June 2019, and it’s already winning awards. National Geographic just bestowed a Good Egg award on the Saorsa 1875 for its commitment to sustainability. The 11-room Victorian lodging features vegan dining, upcycled furniture, eco cleaning products and runs on renewable energy. It’s website says the hotel is designed for vegans, vegetarians and the plant-curious, balancing the building’s Victorian gothic origins with modern amenities to offer a unique experience, and offers the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of modern living.

Luxury takes flight

Fly the skies in luxury in the special fleet of Air Canada’s Jetz Airbus A319 aircraft, now available on select routes. The aircraft, which features a cabin of 58 business class seats, will be departing from prime locations, minimizing walking time in the airport, and begin boarding only 35 minutes before departure. Enjoy an exclusive travel experience with a spacious cabin configuration that offers more comfort and less waiting time when boarding and deplaning, as well as Chef Park’s menu and a wine selection curated by Véronique Rivest.

Travel safe

Looking for extra precaution while travelling? Seat protectors by Assuage are designed to fit most seats and take just seconds to put over them. The elastic around the edges helps hold the seat protector in place; the Ultra Cozy model is reusable and is made from comfortable, soft, breathable fleece; and the Recyclable model is single-use and then dropped into a recycling bin. The co-owner is a native of the Toronto area.


New luxury hotel and spa in Burlington

The new Pearle Hotel and Spa will open in Spring 2021. Overlooking the Burlington waterfront, this elegant hotel — free of formality — is inspired by the local lake houses of the past and brought to modernity by Studio Munge. The hotel features five elegant event spaces with Lake Ontario as the backdrop, a spa with a traditional Hammam sauna, and signature restaurant, Isabelle.

Smarten up your wallet

Wallets should do more than store your cash and credit these days. The stylish wallets by Ekster are compact, easy to organize your cards and are RFID protected so that your credit information cannot be stolen by skimmers. Add another layer of functionality with Ekster’s solar powered tracker so that you never lose your wallet again. It’s credit card sized to fit in a wallet. Ring the tracker from your phone or vice versa and is compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa.