Lasting Lampes

When deciding on a new home fragrance, why go for anything other than the best? Lampe Berger, L'Original depuis 1898 not only freshens the air with its elegant fragrances but also eliminates impurities from the air with its patented catalytic burner. Originally created by a Parisian pharmacist in order to purify the air in enclosed rooms, specifically hospitals, the burner destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells such as cooking aromas or cigarette smoke while providing a fine distribution of your selected fragrance. The lamp itself has become a collector's item, with each Lamp being designed by renowned designers, artists and artisans culminating with the latest collection, EÌ€ditions d'Art Lamps. Available in more than 80 Lamp styles and a selection of 40 perfumes made in France by Master Perfumers, Lampe Berger prices start at $40 and Home Fragrance prices start at $24 per 500ml.