Multi-facet faucet

DXV by American Standard has broken the faucet mould with the introduction of thier 3D Printed Faucet. An industry first, the innovative design is created through the use of a computer-guided laser beam that fuses powdered metal into the shape of the faucet using high heat and pressure, a technique called selective laser sintering. The result is a solid metal block that requires hand-finishing to smooth any extraneous metal, in turn revealing the stunning final product. Available in three styles, “Trope” and “Vibrato” feature metal frames with a hollow interior that allow the water to flow through these fine inner-workings before flowing out the spout, creating the impression that water has appeared out of thin air. The delicate lattice of the “Vibrato” faucet is remarkable in and of itself, drawing on a classic design with an ultimately modern appearance. The “Shadowbrook” faucet features a sleek and simple body working up to an intricate, geometric spout where water flows out of nineteen individual waterways, mimicking the flow of water as if it were bouncing off of rocks in a stream. Available starting at $12,000 at exclusive DXV showrooms later this year.