Nest Notes

Patio kitchens

Mix up a drink or toss together some garden greens with the newest trend in patio design – outdoor counters. Introduced in 2020 by Hauser, the simple design enables running water by easily hooking up to the garden hose.



Java jolt

Whip up a specialty coffee with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. The brewer uses ground coffee and comes equipped with a filter. Use the whip function to make the signature butterscotch hued foam and the steam function to warm and froth the milk of your choice.


Eternity roses

Can a rose last an entire year? Now they can, thanks to Venus ET Fleur, New York’s first bespoke rose atelier and creator of Eternity® Roses. The Ecuador-grown blooms are sent to New York where they are transformed via a unique process that produces gorgeous vibrant hued blossoms that can last a year with minimal maintenance. Worldwide shipping available.


From waste to watts

These pendants, created by Seattle-based LightArt, are comprised of recycled material from the company’s own upcycled plastic. The distinct geometry and curvature of the pendants feature a matte finish, giving them a pottery inspired aesthetic.