Swish sleep set

Sometimes it feels like hoping for a good night's sleep is too much to ask for ““ if it isn't the mattress springs causing you distress it's the heat held by the mattress. Lucky for us Belgian-based company Dormeo has had enough with sleepless nights caused by mattresses and invented what might be the best mattress to hit the market in decades: the Dormeo Octaspring. The revolutionary technology behind Octaspring, named after the patented, eight-pillared, honeycomb memory foam springs, combines the best of both common mattress types with the support of memory foam and the cooling air-ventilation of a spring mattress. Aside from feeling drowsy, sleeping problems can bring on a myriad of other issues including high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease, proving just how important good sleep can be. The Octaspring line includes five mattresses (all with a 20-year guarantee), four pillows and three toppers, available exclusively at Sleep Country Canada.
octaspring.ca; sleepcountry.ca