Breakfast Television host Dina Pugliese shares her glow with a new plant-based skincare line

By Jenna Mohammed Photography by Alex Evans


The beauty world is full of skincare brands that dominate the market with products containing ingredients that do more harm than good. As a response to this, Breakfast Television co-host, Dina Pugliese created The Care Principle to give women and men affordable anti-aging moisturizers and serums made with really simple and natural ingredients.


Dina’s inspiration for creating a natural skincare line is very personal to her. Years ago, when one family member after another fell ill – all of whom were in the prime of their lives – she began feeling helpless, amongst other downhearted emotions too.


“I decided to take some control back, to look at what I was putting into my body and on my skin,” says Dina. “Natural was the only way moving forward, to lessen the toxic load on the body. We absorb up to 60 per cent of what goes onto our skin. It’s our largest organ and a giant sponge at that. This was one small thing I had to change. One thing I could control.”


The Care Principal carries a full skincare regimen including a day and night cream, eye cream and an infinite glo serum. Being keen on creating an accessible, anti-aging, natural line, Dina also ensures that her products are loaded with the best essential oils the planet has to offer.


“I want it to be safe and effective. And I wanted to create an option that was made in Canada, with love, so that women and men could have a couple of minutes of self-care every day, free of toxins,” she says.

The Government of Canada has prohibited and restricted more than 600 ingredients that can be used in cosmetics; Europe has banned more than 1,300. The toxic load our bodies endure through pollution, water, and even the food we eat all has effects on our bodies. Dina wanted to create a product line where we don’t have to think twice about what we are using in our skincare routine. “I wanted to create a line that would make for one less worry. A few minutes of your time, with glowing and naturally nourished skin as the result.”


Always looking fresh-faced and lively, Dina has a few skincare rules she swears by. “Embracing the natural skincare side of life is incredible. Start with a natural cleanser and moisturize daily. No matter how tired you are at night, lather on that night cream. Amazing work happens while you sleep to wake up looking fresh. Exfoliate and apply a mask once a week, and you’re good to go.”


As for aging skin, Dina is a firm believer in embracing what you have and to let confidence be your state of mind. “We are far too hard on ourselves,” she says. “We need to enjoy every year we are blessed with on this planet. There’s nothing more beautiful than a warm smile. If there are laugh lines to go with it all the better.”