H:OM Organizing – The benefits of eliminating our overabundance of stuff

Megan Arthurs has a passion for organizing. She always has – even organizing her toys, cleaning, and rearranging her bedroom when she was young. Now, with her business H:OM ORGANIZING, she truly enjoys helping others discover the Zen of having a neat and organized home.

Megan is well-known for her decluttering and is an on-air expert sharing tips on Breakfast Television, Global News Morning, CHCH Morning Live, and CTV’s Your Morning.

Clients who call on Megan’s services are typically busy families who don’t have the time or desire to spend their free time decluttering. Getting rid of too much stuff can also be necessary when downsizing or staging a home for sale. She will help organize any and all areas in your home: the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, living rooms, playroom, office, and garage. Megan’s process is simple and effective. Various service packages are available.

The process begins with a client consultation. The four spaces that most clients want decluttered are the kitchen and pantry, the closets in the principal bedroom, the play area, and the garage. When you get to a state of feeling that you have nothing to wear or you hate your kitchen, it’s time to purge.

Transforming a space can change a life. The ‘after’ appearance is so profound that it can even be emotional for her clients as if a burden has been lifted off of their shoulders. Clients have confided that they even sleep better, have more free time, start entertaining and even eat healthier.

She believes that the work to declutter pays off greatly for health and wellness. Organizing your home can reduce stress, provide more free time, and save money by eliminating over-purchasing. It also promotes an overall sense of happiness and well-being.

As we are fed by our environment, it can either surround us with positivity and joy, or we become drained by it. The clutter within a space has a measurable impact on our emotional and physical health, as well as our relationships with ourselves and with others. Organizing is also a secure way to practice self-care and reduce the stress of managing too many responsibilities.

When you begin to feel that it’s time to create a more organized and decluttered space and find yourself wanting a change to let go of the things you no longer love or no longer use, contact Megan. In-person consultations are available to discuss your vision, goals and how you foresee your lifestyle and create a step-by-step plan.

Megan and her team will manage the entire project in-home from start to finish.

Once complete, you’ll be able to find the “OM” in your home and life.