Custom fit for him

Looking fashionable shouldn't be difficult, and Italian-based company Antonio M.A.C. agrees. Taking all the guesswork out of luxury men's fashion, the company designs and manufactures high-quality, fully customizable clothing for the modern man. With Personal Design Studios located in the highly fashion-conscious cities of Italy, Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai and Oakville, the brand also offers a unique balance between haute couture and chic sophistication. The entire design process is quick and painless thanks to the help of Antonio M.A.C.'s Personal Fit Stylists, who will guide you from fabric selection to style and custom fit for suits, pants and cashmere sweaters and scarves. This personalized service leads to a truly outstanding product and shopping experience leaving the customer with an individual, one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to their own unique personality and taste. For future orders, all measurements are kept on file allowing the customer to create new custom pieces by having a Fit Stylist visit to allow them to select new and current fabrics, or, allowing others, like a spouse, to shop for them. Antonio M.A.C. products go far beyond suits alone, including shirts, sport coats, accessories and handmade shoes, belts and ties to name a few. Life isn't one-size-fits all, and with this company, your wardrobe won't be either.