Tea Sparrow

Listen up, tea lovers, because there's a new club in town. TeaSparrow.com is a new monthly online “club” delivering a variety of four premium and herbal teas to your door. Each tea is selected by a group of die-hard tea enthusiasts including blenders, tea growers and Sommeliers who rate each tea based on look, aroma, region and taste. Every month, four new teas are selected and sent out in a tea box for only $20 including taxes and shipping, with each tea box providing 25 to 30 cups of tea. Every package of tea contains information on where it came from so if you become extra-fond of one variety you can contact the seller directly to order more. Subscribers to Tea Sparrow are automatically sent a new tea each month, with the option to “pause” and “restart” their subscription at any time. Go online for more details and to see previous tea selections.