Liberating abstracts

By Chris Clay Joyous is how Maya Eventov describes the act of painting. When creating a new piece, she attacks the canvas lustily with a zeal and ardor that typically leaves the GTA-based artist and the ceiling of her workspace splattered in paint. That unbridled passion for art clearly resonates …

Artist Profile: Heather Hogarth

By Melanie Cummings Oakville jewelry designer Heather Hogarth has had a lifelong obsession with colour, she freely admits. The seven-year-old who turned red, yellow and blue phone cable wires into rings for her Barbie dolls, and fashioned earrings for said playthings from chandelier pieces, is still pushing the limits of …

GOODWILL: Home Suite Hope

By Rebecca Fitzsimmons A car is just supposed to get you from point A to point B. It’s not a residence. Unfortunately a car becomes ‘home’ for an increasing number of single parent families in Halton. Home Suite Hope (HSH), an Oakville-based community organization aiming to end homelessness in Halton …


Rather than considering her artistry a gift or a talent, Oakville artist Halina Grzyb calls it her “personal addiction.” She's been expressing her life experiences through art since she was a little girl living in Poland.


At first glance Julia Mori's “Wedding” collection looks like a series of wedding photographs. Take a closer look and you'll see the guests' faces are blurred in her abstract representation of a faded family photo.

GOODWILL: Carpenter Hospice

Palliative care has captured the attention of the nation. No longer a taboo subject, death or long term illness is a matter the aging population is beginning to look at. Quality of life is being honoured, increasing the need for hospice and palliative care facilities, programs and services.


Clean classic designs, bohemian simplicity with contemporary updates, few seams and one quality piece of imported leather is what differentiates The Shoppery's vision of handmade bags, totes and wallets ““ each designed with longevity and versatility in mind.