Smallest product lands largest deal in Dragons' Den History

Television viewers who recently tuned in to the hit CBC reality show Dragons' Den saw news in the making with the biggest deal in the history of the show being made with one of the smallest products they have ever aired. The Insect Defend Patch, a trans-dermal patch that acts as a mosquito bite deterrent, is a mere two inches by two inches in size. But that did not stop Milton's James Krane and Ron Whittick, the Canadian distributors, from slaying the Dragons and walking away with a $5 million deal offered by Brett Wilson and Jim Treliving. The Insect Defend Patch, when applied to a dry, hairless part of the body, provides protection for up to 36 hours from mosquitoes. Its single active ingredient is 75 mg of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). The patch is available throughout Canada at major retailers.