Nature nurture

In an effort to reconnect children with nature, one local school has gone to the birds. This past fall students at Fern Hill School, along with their families, attended a bird-banding workshop where they learned how to bird by ear, silhouette and behaviour and together were able to identify 33 different species. The fall bird count is just one of the many examples, including the planting of more than 3,000 trees and creation of a tall grass prairie garden, of the efforts being made by Fern Hill School to take up an interest in nature. “From a conservation perspective, if children don't explore and fall in love with nature, chances are they won't be interested in conserving nature,” says Dr. Giuliana Casimirri, an ecologist and nature advocate. “A Fall Bird Count led by a young naturalist, that's designed specifically to ignite passion for nature in kids, is a great example of how to really do nature connection well.”