Wireless wave

With all of the amazing advances we've seen over the past decade, it's hard to believe that we are still struggling with what seems to be man's eternal technological dilemma ““ the tangling and untangling of cords. With the latest collaboration between Parrot and Phillipe Starck you will never have to waste time untangling your headphones prior to listening to your favourite tunes, or fumble for your device in order to adjust the volume or change the song. Designed by Phillipe Starck, the ultra-sleek Parrot Zik headphones are not only wireless, allowing you to play music through all mobile devices with Bluetooth A2DP or contact-less NFC technology, but also feature a hyper-intuitive touch panel on the entire right headphone. Change songs by swiping your finger left or right on the headphone, adjust the volume by swiping up or down and to pause, simply remove the headphones. Zik headphones can still be connected to a music source via a cable jack, are noise canceling and even have the ability to take hands-free calls. Available for $430 at The Source and through the online Apple store.