Best of the Balls

Thin and soft lothane cover for great feel and added spin around the greens, soft and fast REACT core formulation, new SPEEDMANTLE for insane velocity and added iron spin for all swings.
TaylorMade RocketBallz golf ball,

Inner mantle has resisilient-yet-supple composition to boost speed yet feel soft, middle mantle works with inner layers to build speed and outer layers to manage spin. Outer mantle works with middle mantle to maximize speed and with soft cover for high greenside spin, core has high COR for speed/low compression to ease driver-spin for maximum distance. Cover is cast in thermoset urethane to deliver a soft feel and high greenside spin.
TaylorMade Penta TP5 golf ball,

Nike Golf's proprietary resin chemistry delivers performance unlike any other ball. Faster initial velocity for maximum distance. Highest levels of MOI for longer, more controlled shots. Greater consistency for highly predictable performance. 20XI is the first ball on tour to use radical new core technology engineered for longer distance and more controlled shots. 20XI-S has higher levels of tour spin and control without sacrificing distance.
NikeGolf 20XI-S; tour level/spin golf ball

Fast initial velocity for explosive distance, deep downrange peak trajectory, playable feel in the short game, tight consistent ball flight.
Titleist Velocity golf ball,

Softer compression feel, outstanding distance, commanding scoring shot performance, engineered for high performance.
Titleist Nxt Tour S golf ball, $10.50;