Liquid Lunch

One of the biggest fitness and nutrition trends of the past year has to be the juice fast. Once the territory of homemade concoctions of cayenne peppered, maple syrup scented water; the cleanses of today are organic cornucopias, cold pressed into tidy to-go bottles for busy urbanites.

While lacking in hard medical facts to back up the claims of liquid nutrition, many agree that the psychological “reset” button may in fact be what is needed for some to take the time to consider their daily nutrition more carefully. And, much like starting the day with a workout may cause you to think about other choices throughout the day, greeting the morning with a green juice instead of a cup of caffeine, could have the same effect. Here is a roundup of delivery, pickup and do-it-yourself options.

Door-to-door drinks
Juices and cleanses freshly made, and delivered direct to your door, on a daily basis.

Who: Raw Juice Guru
Where: online orders at
What: Created by Elaine Bejjani, a holistic nutritionist and raw food wellness coach, Raw Juice Guru boasts her 800 custom created juice blends. Cold pressed, unpasteurized juices are hydraulically pressed between midnight and 4am each day, and then delivered in a cooler bag with an ice pack between 4am to 9am every morning (unless you specify an evening delivery). Also offers raw food cleanses, with delivery. Select products also available in bottles at select retail locations, locally at Healthy Planet, Mississauga.

Who: Total Cleanse
Where: online orders at
What: Toronto based Total Cleanse offers “hydrating juices that will provide you with natural energy and nutrients.” Created by Rebecca Malen (who is also co-founder of, a Toronto based “diet delivery” program) in consultation with nutrition professionals, Total Cleanse aims to detoxify while contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Four cleanse routines are offered, each containing six juices per day, or you can customize your own combination.

Raw Raw Cleanse
Where: online orders at
What: Burlington-based Raw Raw Cleanse set out to create a healthy product that tasted great. They worked with a holistic nutrition expert to create the cleanse programs, and then took the recipes to Paul Finkelstein, Food Network host, chef and entrepreneur. Finkelstein worked with Raw Raw to create the unique line of juices infused with exotic spices and fresh herbs that are completely clean and delicious.  Offers three options: Cleanse and Intense, both three-day programs with six juices per day; and Boost, the one-day option, also with six juices.

For the best quality, juices must be as freshly squeezed as possible. To retain vitamins and nutrients, they should not be pastuerized, but that means you need to drink up right away!

Door-to-door delivery may be the best option for a juicing jump-start to get you on the right path to a better diet, but adding juicing to your regular routine can be made easy with a home juicer. We like these two choices for their use of low speed press technology, and an auger to really get the most from your produce.

Featuring eight international patents, the Infiny Press Revolution from Moulinex takes juicing to a new level by extracting 35 per cent more juice, 30 per cent more vitamins and 75 per cent more antioxidants than a traditional juicer and is 100 per cent dishwasher safe. This breakthrough technology conserves essential nutrients by using a corkscrew mechanism that slowly cold presses fruits, veggies and herbs without creating heat, and at 70 db the Infiny Press is also one of the quietest juicers on the market.

The Salton Vita Pro uses low speed action to crush and squeeze, releasing nutrients and enzymes from your fruits and veggies, resulting in a richer coloured juice that contains more vitamins and minerals. Features include cold press technology, with no hi-speed bladesӬto thoroughly squeeze the juice from fruits and vegetables; low noise operationӬ; convenient rinse function to switch from one juice to another without interruption; and easy to use, removable parts that are dishwasher safe.

Juice to go-go
Where to find your fresh juice fix, on the run!

Liquid Nutrition
Where: Upwards of 20 locations across Canada including Oakville, and two Mississauga locations among the planned openings in the next year.
What: Launched in Montreal, Liquid Nutrition found success and subsequently began franchising. Among their supporters is NBA player Steve Nash, who endorsed and invested in Liquid Nutrition. You can order up a fresh juice from the menu and watch it be created, just like your favourite latte, or have one custom made from fresh fruit juices, almond milk and neutraceutical boosters.

Lettuce Love Café
Where: 399 John Street, Burlington
What: Formerly named Kindfood, Lettuce Love Café offers a menu of vegan and gluten free healthy options. Along with the soups, salads, entrees and desserts, two fresh smoothies are featured on the menu: Green and Almond Buttercup.

Who: The Naked Sprout
Where: 4040 Palladium Way, Burlington
What: Restaurant with a 100 per cent vegan, gluten-free, plant-based menu. Five juices and five smoothies included on the menu, all made fresh on the spot. The Naked Sprout also offers a seven-day juice cleanse program, supervised by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND.

To-go glass
From the French glass blower, Arc Glassware, these glasses with snug-fitting lids are the ideal takeaway, if you are an at-home juicer. Ditch the plastics, and wrinkle-inducing straws, in exchange for a real glass. Available in a range of sizes of glasses and bowls, from $21.99 each.