New brewery opens in Dundas

What began with a dream between friends Shawn Till and Ed Madronich more than 25 years ago has become reality with the opening of their new brewery in Dundas. Located in the historic old Dundas Curling and Skating Rink, Shawn & Ed Brewing Company places a focus on quality, not quantity. Not taking short cuts, the duo even ordered their brewing equipment from Italy, having it shipped across the Atlantic to its new home at 65 Hatt Street. All brews at Shawn & Ed use four natural ingredients ““ water, malted barley, hops and yeast ““ as their base, while the Barrelshed brew gains a unique flavour through the process of gently aging in Pinot Noir barrels. Currently available exclusively at the brewery, brews include BarrelShed No.1, LagerShed Original, LagerShed Darker and Lagershed Lighter.