Holiday Essence

Holiday Essence
-courtesy Risposta Bistro, Campbellville

5oz David Rocco “Dolce Vita” Extra Dry Prosecco
1oz Mount Gay Rum
1oz fresh lime juice
1  tbsp elderberry jam

For the Eggnog Foam
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp fresh cinnamon
4 free range farmers egg ehites  
4 oz milk
½ oz fresh lime juice
In a shaker combine Mount Gay Rum, lime juice and one heaping tablespoon of elderberry jam. Shake vigorously and set aside.

In rocks glass strain the contents from the first shaker, add in 5oz of David Rocco “Dolce Vita” Extra Dry Prosecco. Let bubbles from prosecco settle, then with a spoon carefully scoop top layers of foam on the glass so it floats on the top of drink.

Garnish with cinnamon stick.

For the Eggnog Foam:
In separate shaker combine sugar, cinnamon, egg whites, milk, lime juice shake repeatedly for two minutes.

Add ice and continue to shake for another minute. You will notice that the foam has built on the top one-third of the glass upon finishing shaking.