Southbrook Pizza

Southbrook Pizza
-courtesy Farmers' Table at Southbrook

A great pizza needs to start with a good crust and fresh ingredients. Southbrook uses wine yeast and whole wheat flour as the main ingredients in their dough. The following is a baker's percentage to making a great dough. The percentages are based on the flour used (i.e 1kg of flour = 30g of yeast). Be careful of other whole wheats as the grind is typically too large to build proper structure without tearing.

60% K2 Red Fife flour
40% 3 Star Canadian Flour
(this flour is comparable to the Tipo 00)
3% salt
3% Bioflavia (dry yeast if used instead will also be 3%)
63% cool water
250 ml of Southbrook Wine

Mix all of the ingredients except for the wine by hand for about four to five minutes or in a mixer on a lower speed for about two minutes. You do not want to over develop the gluten or the dough will shrink.

After mixing the dough drink the wine as your reward…you just made pizza dough from scratch! Let the dough stand overnight, preferably in pre-weighed balls. The typical individual pizza is about 140g. The easiest ratio is just to work with 1000g of flour and do the percentages back from that. You will get about 10 individual pizzas.

Pull dough out one hour before rolling. If you don't have a pizza oven put your stove to 450°F with a little pot or pan with water. Keep dough nice and thin with a little corn meal on the bottom so as it does not stick to the tray.

Top with your favourite toppings, Southbrook Pizza is a pomodoro base with buffalo mozzarella, wild garlic mustard pesto, sweet and sour hot peppers and lamb meatballs.