Waterside Foie Gras Icewine Stuffing

Waterside Foie Gras Icewine Stuffing
-recipe courtesy Andrew Cerniuk from Breakwater Restaurant at Waterside Inn, Mississauga

500g focaccia bread, cubed
250g salted cashews, roasted
100g foie gras, roasted (fat reserved)
1 bunch sage, chopped fine
½ bottle icewine
salt and pepper, to taste

Grind the cashews in a food processor until the consistency of a tough paste. Add the foie gras to the cashews and pulse to homogenize. Add the bread crumbs and sage to a large bowl and toss together until the sage is evenly distributed throughout the mix. Add the cashew/foie mixture and repeat. Pour the icewine over the stuffing and toss again to just moisten the mixture. Season to taste and then use to stuff poultry as desired.