Banff named one of best destinations in the world

Banff, Alberta is ready for it's close up. Recently recognized as one of National Geographic Traveler magazine's Best of the World destinations for 2017, Banff made the list as the only Canadian destination and proudly dons the front cover of the publication. National Geographic Traveler, the world's most widely read travel publication, uses this list to highlight 21 of the world's must-see places for the upcoming year. “It's no secret that 2017 marks Canada's sesquicentennial celebration of cool. But we love Canada for little reasons as much as landmarks and milestones. So our story is about how an outward journey to Banff leads to an inner sense of happiness,” said George Stone, National Geographic Traveler editor-in-chief. “The magic comes from person-to-person interactions with big-hearted Canadians, from First Nations community leaders to horse-packing cowboy guides to park rangers to some of the country's newer citizens, who hail from foreign lands but find a happy home in Canada. We aimed to honour the inclusive feeling of Canada, a warm embrace that brings a human-scale equivalent to those majestic landscapes.” Go online to view the full list of destinations.