Octoberfest Experience

Experience old world luxury on the exclusive Oktoberfest In Bavaria package from Insight Vacations. A nine-day Luxury Gold Special Event, this one time itinerary departs on September 20th and is limited to just 40 guests worldwide. “We are delighted to add another exclusive event to our Luxury Gold collection which is just in time for Oktoberfest and our guests will be able to raise a stein and say “˜prosit' with the locals as all of Bavaria celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot (Germany's “˜beer purity law'),” said Cris David, president, Insight Vacations Canada. Beginning in Vienna, guests will visit the Imperial Crypt, Kaisergruft, which has been the main place of entombment for many of the Habsburg dynasty. Next, guests will sample cakes and pastries at Demel, a well-known Viennese institution, before enjoying an Epicurean Dining Experience at the famous Imperial Hotel where they will then take a horse drawn carriage to a Mozart concert in Brahms Hall at the Musikverein where they will meet the cast during intermission. Before leaving Vienna, guests will witness the world-class equestrian skills of the Spanish Riding School before venturing through the Wachau Valley into Salzburg where they will tour the “˜Eagles Nest' and Hallstatt Salt Mines, capping off the night with a stay at the five-star Hotel Bristol. The next day it's off to Munich where guests will take part in the ultimate Oktoberfest Experience with an exclusive dinner invitation to the Ochsenbraterei tent, a staple during the festivities for the past 135 years, where they will dine at the Michelin-starred Les Deux with Patrick Von Richthofen, a direct descendent of The Red Baron. Go online for more details and pricing.