Colour coordinated linens

The newly launched Coloured Linen Collection from Annie Sloan combines two tones designed to match the exact colours from the  Chalk Paint palette. Weaving together the weft and warp to produce a contrasting, complimentary effect, each of the ten new fabrics is made up of 55 per cent linen and 45 per cent cotton then tumbled to create a soft texture while maintaining the strength of upholstery fabrics. “Colour combinations are the linchpin to all my work, both for painted furniture and interiors,” says Annie Sloan. “I don't believe that colours exist on their own ““ they are part of the colour story. My new range of linens is, for me, a total triumph as at last I have woven fabrics dyed to match the exact colours from my paint range. I have chosen these colours carefully to make both vibrant and strong, as well as subtle and soft, combinations.” Available exclusively at Annie Sloan stockists, go online to find your closest retailer.