PARA Paints Incorporates Retro Influences in 2011 Trends

From the 1950s to 1970s, retro influences are at the forefront of PARA Paints home décor trends for 2011.
More than ever, Canadians are appreciating what they have, cherishing their pasts, injecting new life and colour into their surroundings. It's decorating that's un-timid, unconventional, and unmitigated fun.
“We are trending away from safe neutral schemes and going back to brave colour choices like purples, greens and blues,” says Canadian celebrity designer Marc Atiyolil. “The easiest way for Canadians to reinvent their homes is by putting a new splash of colour on their walls.” Para has collaborated with Marc to announce The PARA Paints Colour & Design Trends Collection for 2011 to RENEW YOUR STYLE.
“Canadian homeowners are looking to renew, reuse and revive old items and incorporate impactful colour to generate a fresh outlook for their homes,” says Garry Belfall, Senior Brand Manager, Para Paints. “PARA Paints gives you the 20 must-have shades in one of the most edgy, designer oriented home décor colour trend guides PARA has ever produced.”

Deep purples and bright greens bring a new and re-energized life back to home décor schemes. 2011 is showing a new-again 70's vibe, punctuating luxurious greys like Guys Night Out, with pops of colour on accent walls, like Candied Apple green.

2011 is bursting with a fresh new spirit and flair that embraces both the past and present. Loft Space, the smooth urban grey, is today's neutral. Vibrant blues like Mountain of Toys and must have violets such as Fashion Girl, are refreshing for backdrop walls.

The Canadian design direction is celebrating the art of modern roots and the Canadian landscape. Mixing warm and grounded favourites such as deep tan Northern Exposure with contemporary golds and blues, such as Rockey Crest, renew our memories with soft earth, glimpses of deep lake and pure sky, crisp clean snowfall white and comforts of home.

Everything old is new again, and that's the scene for a new groove on with retro chic colours for 2011. Swanky deep corals such as Fireside are mixing with new classic granny mint greens like No Win Situation. The shade of the year, purple, is giving walls a funky vibe, with maroon mixes like PARA's Flamboyant.