Target your garden

The SmartOnes Precision Sprayer from Canadian company Premier Tech makes maintaining your garden and patio easier than ever. A multipurpose tool designed to easily eliminate weeds and ants from the lawn, patio and garden, SmartOnes features a protective shield to accurately target weeds and ants while protecting surrounding plants from second-hand spray. Simply place over the targeted area and push down on the handle to apply the perfect amount of herbicide or insecticide to the targeted area. The lightweight unit makes moving around the garden a breeze while the 45″ height eliminates the need to constantly kneel or bend down. The starter kit includes the Precision Sprayer and one 500mL WeedOut cartridge; replacement cartridges include WeedOut, a herbicide for lawns, WipeOut, a herbicide for patios and gardens and AntOut, an insecticide for ants. Available at major home retailers.