Private Clubs: The social membership

By Allie Murray | Photography by Nikki Wesley

Many residents across Halton and Mississauga are looking for a home away from home to enjoy year-round. For a sense of belonging and to experience a place for gathering with friends and family, host business meetings, enjoy picturesque views, and play sports, a social membership at a private club is an option worth exploring.

What does a private social membership offer? At most private clubs, it offers access to the dining areas and restaurants, events and some use of sports and recreation facilities. Although the membership is different at every club, each has the same mindset: to fulfill a sense of community. Club staff and managers view each social member as part of the family, not just another member using the facilities.

“It’s the experience, it’s the care and pampering and the quality that you’re not going to find at a public facility. Whether you’re going to a restaurant or banquet facility, it’s all encompassing here,” said David DeSaverio, chief operating officer of the Burlington Golf and Country Club.

There are a variety of reasons behind why members join. Some are business owners looking for a consistent space to meet, some are families looking for a place to dine and take part in holiday celebrations, and some simply want to be a part of the type of community that only a private club can provide.

Many clubs in Halton and Mississauga have been operating for close to 100 years and boast stunning views that elevate the experience of the social events and activities in which members participate.

“Our location is definitely a benefit,” Oakville Club’s general club manager, Jason Meier said. “Especially in the summer, we’re right on the water, we have dockside patios and we overlook the lake.” 

When selecting the right private club membership, prospective members should review each club’s unique offerings. Whether seeking a place based on the social aspect or a more encompassing experience, it’s not hard to find a club that feels like home.

About the clubs:

“What differentiates us is we’re a very social and inclusive club, we’re friendly and welcoming to new members. I think that when our members come here, it really is their second home and the purpose of joining a club is finding a place where you belong and feels like home.”
Teresa Fernandez, member services/experiences manager, Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

“We are a year-round club with a summer patio and great bar and bistro to keep people involved year-round. We’re kind of that community hub where you can come and play or just have a coffee. It’s a place to be with friends and hang out.”
Jason Meier, general club manager, Oakville Club

“We’re a long-standing part of Oakville’s community and we’re coming up to our 100th anniversary in 2021. We offer dining for members as well as a function space and a nine-hole golf course.”
Karen Meier, assistant general manager, Oakville Golf Club

“We’re all looking for recreation and people have choices between cottage or travel. Here, it’s a better alternative because it’s close to home. We have both six-month or 12-month memberships with a variety of activities.”
Jeff Germond, general manager, Mississaugua Golf and Country Club

“We have an 18-hole golf course, situated on 130 acres of land in downtown Burlington. We have curling, junior programs, special Olympics and much more. In 2022 the club is celebrating its 100th anniversary.”
David DeSaverio,
CEO, Burlington Golf and Country Club