Eco-Friendly Festival

2012 was the 33rd year of Burlington's ever-popular Sound of Music Festival providing music lovers with free entertainment on the waterfront and throughout the downtown core.  Unfortunately, big events like this
create a major dilemma when it comes to being eco-friendly, but with the efforts of The Burlington Sound of Music Eco Team we can rest assured that our environment is being taken care of. Here are just a few of the statistics you may not know about the Sound of Music Festival:

“¢ More than 15 tonnes of waste is created throughout the four-day event, that is manually sorted into recyclables, compostables, and garbage by the Eco Team and volunteers such as Burlington Green and Scouts

“¢ Through this sorting, more than 80

per cent of the waste was diverted from landfills, with the 2012 goal being raised to 85 per cent

“¢ All food vendors must use compostable food service dishware

“¢ Only compostable garbage bags are used during the festival, helping to avoid the nearly 400 years that it takes for a regular garbage bag to naturally break down

“¢ All festival flyers, booklets, pamphlets and posters use vegetable dyes and are produced from 30 to 100 per cent recycled content