Gone to the dogs

Outfit your canine companion in chic collars, leashes, charms and scarves from Toronto-based company HOUND. Drawing inspiration from runways the world over, founder Samantha Armstrong created a line of fine leather accessories for your four-legged friend with solid brass hardware and gold-plated emblems so you can complete your look “from head to HOUND.” Armstrong got the idea for the company after getting her first puppy and wanting to outfit it in haute accessories. “Turned out that luxury in the dog world really translated to kitschy,” she says. “Everything expensive was covered in rhinestones, done in metallic finishes and adorned with hearts and cutesy bones. I couldn't believe that no one had a genuine fashion-inspired line for dogs, so instead I made my own.” With the exception of the gold plated charms, which are hand poured in a tiny shop in Montreal, all HOUND items are handmade in Toronto. HOUND is available exclusively online.