The Village Cigar Co. is now open!

Smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and hanging around the local barbershop, those were the good ol' days. Now, thanks to The Village Cigar Co., Burlington has a chance to relive the past with cigars and gentlemanly accoutrements. Located on the South side of The Village Square, The Village Cigar Co. is open seven days a week providing customers with the finest cigars stored in a custom-made humidor, in a 50's inspired barbershop setting ““ with guest barbers available on Sunday's. Purchase cigars and cigar accessories like gold cigar cutters and personal humidors. Master Cigar Roller Arnoldo Alfonso helped celebrate the shop's grand opening in August by demonstrating the true craftsmanship behind the trade. Get on the right track to becoming a cigar connoisseur and stop by The Village Cigar Co. today.

2049 Pine St., Unit 64, The Village Square, Burlington