Shape of a Woman

Lida Lisney, owner of Inside Story Lingerie & Swim, discusses the secret power of undergarments

Women understand the importance of finishing touches to create a fabulous look. Whether it’s the perfect pair of earrings or a chic lipstick hue, the look is never quite complete until the last detail is in place. But what if it’s the starting touch that can create the greatest impact? Although not always a top consideration, the proper undergarment can ensure that little black dress shapes a woman’s natural figure beautifully.

For some, the idea of shapewear may elicit visions of uncomfortably squeezing the body into an inflexible bodysuit. However, Lida Lisney, owner of Inside Story Lingerie and Swim in downtown Oakville, says this is not the case with the newest garments. She shares her expertise on the power of underwear to flatter a woman’s natural figure, without sacrificing comfort.

From the top

An ill-fitting bra is a very common and easily solved mistake that many women make. In fact, 80 per cent of women do not wear the right size bra; and as a result, may appear more heavy chested than they actually are.

“It can be the difference between being able to button a top, or not,” says Lisney. A proper bra fitting at a specialized store, like Inside Story, can offer an improvement in comfort and appearance.

Under where?

Yes, under there. Nobody likes panty lines, yet as long as we continue to love our fitted clothing (think yoga pants), the battle to eliminate them will continue. There are a ton of options, according to Lisney, thanks to seamless underwear. She recommends the Montreal-based brand Montelle. Its panties include a small amount of silicone that prevent the seam from wandering; they feel like a second skin. And, look like it too.

Tummy love

There’s nothing wrong with having a tummy, but sometimes it’s nice to wear a slinky dress and not have to think about sucking anything in for photos. That’s where foundation pieces, generally referred to as shapewear, come in that can smooth out the torso. There are various options depending on the level of coverage desired. One option features underwear that extends up to the bra line. A second style is more like a body suit that smooths the hips, as well.  This style of undergarment begins just above the knees extending to the bra line.

“Today’s shapewear is breathable,” insists Lisney. The highest quality brands are taut but comfortable. That’s why she recommends Janira for its high quality.

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Shown: The Combi Dress Slip Esbelta by Janira is a shaping and sculpting slip that smooths and shapes the figure using an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and a perfect figure.