Jenny bird at Indigo

Indigo has teamed up with Canadian jewellery designer JENNY BIRD to release the limited edition JENNY BIRD x Indigo collection. The modern collection is comprised of 14 styles incorporating pearls and varied styles of chain throughout, with pieces ranging in price from $29 to $98. “When designing, I focused on women who exude a modern, feminine style like Cate Blanchett. Then I asked myself, “˜What would Cate want to wear to Paris Fashion Week?'” said Jenny Bird, creative director of JENNY BIRD. “I was given the inspiration of “˜a modern romantic' from Indigo. It was such perfect timing with pearls having a moment in fashion jewelry, so I decided to explore blending my brand's attitude with the sophistication of the pearl. The resulting pieces have this beautiful tension of edge and grace.” Pieces from the collection are available in select Indigo locations and online.