A new way to go Greek

Ultima Foods' new national yogurt brand, iögo, is made for Canadians by Canadians without the use of gelatin, colours, or artificial flavours ““ what more could a lover of yogurt ask for? With seven new product lines and over 40 mouthwatering flavours, we have become partial to the Greko (Greek), Nano and Duo lines. Kick that unhealthy pie to the curb and substitute it with iögo's Lemon Pie duo and your palette won't know the difference! Kids love the resealable, spill-proof cap of iögo's Nano drinkable yogurts made with fruit purees, while adults love the thick, smooth flavours of iögo Greko with its high protein and low fat content (available in 0% and 2%). “We are exceptionally proud of the new iögo brand, which leverages our 40 years of yogurt expertise, the passion of our 4,500 dairy farmers, and the know-how of our 750 employees across Canada,” stated Gerry Doutre, President and CEO of Ultima Foods. “These fun, healthy products will help Canadians of all ages live healthier, more active lives.” Available in 100g, 500g and 650g recyclable containers, iögo's suggested retail prices range from $1.30 to $8.