Cool new cooking fat

Ditch the butter and oils, there's a new cooking fat in town. Barry Callebaut's Mycryo is a 100 per cent natural cocoa butter in powdered form perfect for grilling, sautéing, searing and frying. As Mycryo is applied to food prior to cooking, only the amount that will stick to the food is needed for cooking reducing caloric intake by 50 to 70 per cent compared to other cooking fats. Mix seasonings, spices or breadcrumbs with Mycyro and coat food prior to cooking to help infuse flavours and save time in advance. Since the powdered cocoa butter forms a perfect seal around food, the juices and flavours stay in and there is no need to use acidic ingredients to prevent oxidization. Odourless with a neutral taste, Mycryo also has a neutral affect on cholesterol levels making it not only a great cooking aid but also a healthy alternative. Available for $10/200gm container at Golda's Kitchen and McCall's Baking Supplies in Mississauga.