Neal Brothers introduces mayo

Toronto-based boutique food distributor Neal Brothers Foods Inc. expands its condiment offerings with the addition of a new line of flavoured mayonnaise. Available in four flavours ““ Classic Mayonnaise, Truffle Mayonnaise, Sriracha Mayonnaise and Lime Mayonnaise ““ to add a unique twist to everyday meals, all are made using organic, free run eggs. “We worked very had to create a locally-produced, GMO-free mayo and the most challenging ingredient to source was the large quantities of locally produced, organic, free run eggs, but we found them,” says Peter Neal, co-owner of Neal Brothers Foods. “The inspiration for the flavours came out of a family brainstorm meeting where we rated the most fun, tasty and trending gourmet flavours that we enjoy at home ourselves.” Neal Brothers mayonnaise is available for $6.49/250ml jar and can be found locally at Longo's.