New low-carb potato launches locally

The new Carisma potato from EarthFresh is Canada's first all-purpose potato with a low glycemic response. The result of potato breeding programs, Carisma features an exceptionally rich and creamy flavour that is delicious whether boiled, baked or mashed. A healthy option when it comes to this beloved starch, its support from the Canadian Diabetes Association due its low rating on the Glycemic Index makes it all the more appealing. High GI foods have a rating of 70 or higher while low GI foods have a rating at 55 or less. For comparison's sake, a Russet Burbank potato has a rating of 111 while Carisma potatoes come in at a rating of just 53. This rating means that the consumption of Carisma potatoes causes a lower and shorter-term spike in blood glucose compared to the same serving size of a standard potato variety. Each and every crop of Carisma is tested at the time of harvest by GI labs in order to verify its glycemic characteristics.;