Short Rib Arancini

– courtesy Cagneys, Mississauga

Short Rib Arancini

For the Short Ribs:
1 short rib (whole)
2 medium onions, diced
1 medium carrot, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
2 sprigs thyme
2 sprigs rosemary
½ cup red wine
8 cups water
1 tbsp tomato paste
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 225°F. Season and brown all sides of short rib except bones, remove from pot. Add carrots, onion, celery, thyme and rosemary and cook until browned. Add tomato paste cook for three minutes. Deglaze with red wine, add seared ribs and cover with water. Braise in oven for about six hours, cool and shred meat. Reserve braising liquid.

For the Risotto:
2 cups Arborio rice
1 shallot, finely diced
5 cups braising liquid (reserved)
¼ cup grated Parmesan
1 sprig thyme, finely chopped
2 oz + 2 oz butter

In a separate pot heat braising liquid. In a sauté pan, toast rice in butter until aromatic. Add shallots and cook until translucent. Ladle in braising liquid in small intervals as the rice absorbs. Stir constantly while cook for 11 minutes until cooked thoroughly. Add Parmesan and the remaining butter. Add herbs, pour onto a tray and let cool.

For the Goat Cheese Filling:
500g goat cheese
3 cloves roasted garlic
1 sprig thyme, finely chopped
4 sprigs parsley, finely chopped

Crush roasted garlic until spreadable and mix into goat cheese. Add herbs. Roll into teaspoon-sized balls and freeze.

To prepare the Arancini:
5 eggs
3 tbsp water
2 cups panko
2 cups flour
Salt and pepper to taste

Press ½ oz shredded rib meat flat, and encase around frozen goat cheese mixture. Press ¾ oz risotto flat and encase around shredded meat and cheese. Bread using flour, egg wash and panko. Fry at 350°F for five minutes or until warm in the centre. Yeilds 8 to 10.