Single-serve Starbucks at home

Enjoy the flavour of your favourite Starbucks beverage in the comfort of your home with the new Verismo System by Starbucks. The single-cup brewer is available in two sizes, the compact Verismo 580 Brewer, available for $200, or the professional Verismo V-585 Brewer, available for $400. The 580 Brewer features a three-button interface with the option to choose espresso, coffee or milk, a 1L removable water tank and 10-pod built-in storage system for easy cleanup. Or, try the V-585 Brewer featuring a 3.5L water tank with activated carbon water-filtration system, 30-pod built-in storage system and LED screen which indicates when its time to clean the machine, empty pods, or refill water. Available exclusively at Starbucks and Home Outfitters.