Golfing in the Tropics

Plan the perfect golf trip to the Caribbean and Bermuda

By Tracey Luel

A warm and sunny golf vacation in the Caribbean or Bermuda may seem like a dream right now, but while we have the time why not plan, explore and get organized for Fall 2021 and beyond. Fingers crossed! There are more than 20 countries and 700 islands that make what we call The Caribbean. Most of us can easily conjure up the warm breezes, gorgeous beaches and exotic views, along with the warm hospitality. The islands each have a special character, and some offer better beaches, better night life, unique experiences or luxurious privacy and seclusion.


But if quality golf experiences are what you are looking for, you can narrow things down to a handful of islands. The itinerary, length of stay and amenities for an amazing golf centric vacation really depend on what type of group you are. Here are four examples; which one are you?


Hard core golfers

A group with a high level of experience who are motivated to play every day (sometimes twice) on high quality and challenging golf courses.

You need comfortable accommodations close to great golf courses; ideally more than one course for variety. Three to four days is the perfect amount of time away from the family and work. Look for high quality and well maintained practice facilities for warming up, and working out the kinks post round. Ideally the resort offers different restaurants for variety; with drinks ready and waiting on the 19th hole. Consider creating a competition for your group during your stay which will add some meaning to those three-foot putts, and fuel for post round banter. Use the Trip Manager software from Golf Pass/Golf Genius to make this process easy and professional.


Where to go

Casa de Campo Resort and Villas (#1 rank in the Caribbean) or Punta Cana Resort and Club both in the Dominican Republic


Golfing with the kids

A golf centered getaway for families with children over the age of 10. Family members may be skilled or new to the sport, so you need access to quality instruction and practice facilities so everyone can work on their game, along with an easy to moderate golf course to play on. Ask about booking a series of group lessons or even a half-day family golf camp. A mini putt on the property will put the kids over the top and make for bonus fam fun. An ideal length of stay is seven days or more, committing to golf four out of seven days – but probably best to stick to nine holes. Your destination should also offer other family friendly adventures, tours and experiences to round out your trip.


Where to go

Four Seasons Nevis and Tryall Club in Jamaica


Golfing with the girls

A group of women (ideally four to eight) who are motivated to have fun, immerse in golf, improve their games and chill out together. Perfect duration is four days and three nights.

Plan for nine to 18 holes every morning followed by a group lunch.  Book one to two afternoons of golf camp with two hours of instruction and practice followed by cocktails. Set aside an afternoon for the spa, of course, and one afternoon to hang at the beach and read. Talk about a perfect way to recharge.


Where to go

The Bahamas is great for a four-day getaway. Try the Ocean Club Course (home of an LPGA event) and stay at the Four Seasons Sandals Emerald Bay


Couples golf retreat

For two to four like-minded couples who want to gather, golf, dine and enjoy quality time together as a group, and also reserve some time as a couple. Five days and four nights is an ideal length of stay. It’s best to travel with those with whom you share compatible skill levels and are ready to play three rounds of 18 holes over five days. When you’re not on the greens, make sure your destination offers fantastic group dining opportunities, great food and wine, spa treatments, sunset beach walks and one or two non-golf excursions.

Where to go

Rosewood Bermuda or Cabot St. Lucia (opening in 2022)