BEHR Paints Introduces 2011 Colour & Design Trends


BEHR Paints introduces 2011 Colour & Design Trends, featuring 20 new colours and four unique design themes. In the trend collection, a fashion-forward look at design, colour and style emphasizes BEHR Paints' leadership as a home décor trendsetter. Modern concepts and new hues are limitless, ranging from playful and young to dramatic and elegant.
“As people try to save money, live in smaller spaces and stay in their homes longer, a need exists for quick and simple do-it-yourself projects to transform and repurpose rooms,” says Erika Woelfel, Director of Colour, BEHR Paints. “Painting with the new 2011 Trends collection colours can give a space new life or help an outdated piece of furniture become a centerpiece.”
The new collection captures an eclectic mix of styles from the quirky to the conservative. Do-it-yourselfers will be inspired to reinvigorate their space by not only putting colour on the wall but by styling their entire room. BEHR Paints has identified four distinctive trend themes: Boudoir Goth ““ a modern rendition of Victorian romance, Rock N' Roll ““ a fusion of masculinity and rock eclecticism, Tokyo Pop ““ an explosion of youthful self-expression and Danish Twist ““ a mixture of northern European simplicity and light. From popping pinks to haunted grays, the expansive range of new colours encourages a sensory experience full of excitement and originality.
BEHR Paints' 2011 Colour & Design Trends are currently online at and are compiled in a brochure available at The Home Depot stores nationwide. What's more, the brochure includes tear out paint samples, making it easier to harmonize and visualize a new room. DIY enthusiasts can also visit ColourSmart by BEHR in-store or online to create beautifully coordinated colour palettes.
Décor themes and design tips featured in BEHR Paints' 2011 Colour & Design Trend card include:

Boudoir Goth ““ Glamorous colours for home entertainment give an edge of dark mystery and over-the-top romance and drama. Curvy shapes and luxurious styling give the allure of feminine mystique.
Corresponding BEHR colours include:
* Grayve-Yard #T11-1
* Stiletto #T11-2
* Strike a Pose #T11-3
* Blood Rose #T11-4
* Not so Innocent #T11-5

Rock N' Roll ““ Conservative neutrals with masculine styling create a retro vibe that is neither fully classic nor contemporary. Infuse music into a space with vintage guitars or an old record player.
Corresponding BEHR colours include:
* Almost Famous #T11-6
* Fretwire #T11-7
* Back Stage #T11-8
* Drum Solo #T11-9
* Wild Thing #T11-10

Tokyo Pop ““ Flirtatious, light-hearted and girly cute, optimistic brights will cheer up any room. Self-express with wall decals or anime posters, helping to highlight a bold personality.
Corresponding BEHR colours include:
* Lizard Breath #T11-11
* Harajuku Girl #T11-12
* Fuji Snow #T11-13
* Kawaii #T11-14
* Pinkelicious #T11-15

Danish Twist ““ Whites, neutrals and eco-aware accent colours make modern rooms feel relaxed and clean. Lighten up the kitchen by re-painting cabinets and adding white vases and brushed steel chairs.
Corresponding BEHR colours include:
* Fjord #T11-16
* Wishing Troll #T11-17
* í†bleskiver #T11-18
* Starlit Night #T11-19
* Lucky Potato #T11-20

Learn more about the 2011 Colour & Design Trends collection, find how-to project information and order 8 oz. paint samples at You can also find BEHR Paints on Twitter at and on Facebook at