Colin & Justin are back with Street Swap

We fell for the home decor duo when they graced the cover of WEST last autumn. Now, we are pleased to hear they have filmed their latest style special, airing on HGTV this Sunday, July 14.

Colin and Justin are back, and on a determined mission to unveil the mysteries of “˜upcycling' the designers prove that second hand doesn't have to mean second best.  Watch in wonder as they undertake a TV “˜experiment'; can a SERIOUSLY stylish home be created on a shoestring budget?  As far as the Toronto Star columnists are concerned, the answer is YES.  
In their brand new “˜special', the lads spout their triple T maxim; Trash! Treasure! Trade!  Following their lead, all you have to do is create three piles of “˜stuff' – the first being for items you'd like to get rid of, the second for kit you'd like to keep and the third for pieces to “˜swap' with neighbors.  Then the fun really begins!
With a nod to the economy and a bow to the environment, Colin and Justin trawl the neighborhood for discarded items which can be “˜upcycled' to create a luxe look for less.  First up in the show is a black corduroy sofa, brought to life with a Gustavian paint job and gorgeous new upholstery.  Next, the energetic Scots update a Mid Century sideboard using a grey colour palette and dreamy Lucite sides.  Also featured is a dining table (sawn in half to become a pair of doglegged consoles) a coffee table which miraculously transforms into an ottoman and a baby change station which becomes a Las Vegas inspired cocktail cabinet!  
Colin and Justin's message is simple ““ you don't have to send your bank manager into cardiac free fall to achieve drop dead gorgeous designer aesthetics.  All you have to do is sweet talk your neighbors… and then “˜SWAP' your way to a supremely stylish home.  One person's trash, after all, is another person's treasure!
Colin and Justin's Street Swap, 10pm, Sunday July 14th HGTV Canada.