Book Review: You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha

Review by Jenna Mohammed

During a time of self-isolation, it can be difficult to remain positive, especially when faced with the unknown. Sometimes we need a friend to remind us how awesome we are. Canadian author, public speaker and entrepreneur, Neil Pasricha is the ally we all need in our lives. In his #1 international bestseller, You Are Awesome: 9 Secrets to Getting Stronger and Living an Intentional Life, Pasricha presents readers with advice on building resilience through divergent thinking.


Each of the nine secrets begins with an anecdote about Pasricha’s past. His stories include an encounter with childhood embarrassment, meeting the dean of Harvard Business School, his first full-time job and how his first marriage crumbled. While many of his stories have a sombre tone, he uses them to enhance his secrets to living a more intentional life and ultimately shifting your perspective.

My favourite secret is #5: Lose more to win more. Pasricha recalls a week-long enrichment camp when he was 15 years old. This is where he launched his first website using JavaScript and HTML. After obtaining more than 100 hits and convincing his parents to buy him a computer to keep up with the website, it eventually went down. Undiscouraged, he started several more blogs and websites throughout his adolescent years through to adulthood and eventually one became a big hit which led to his first book, The Book of Awesome. Pasricha’s takeaway point is that in life we may be in a continuous cycle of giving without reaping rewards, but if we keep trying, something is bound to stick. Pasricha writes, “The wins pile up when you pile on the number of times you step up to the plate.”


I love the way Pasricha tells it like it is using a tone that isn’t ‘holier-than-thou’ but, rather as a friend or loved one. With every tip, Pasricha explains the back story that led him to these secrets of living intentionally. If you find yourself mulling over situations and feelings that no longer serve or uplift you, You Are Awesome: 9 Secrets to Getting Stronger and Living an Intentional Life is a handy book to reference when you need to feel inspired.