Culture Notes

Flower power

The Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate in downtown Oakville is now featuring a fun outdoor display that celebrates the blooms of spring and summer with its costume collection of dresses with colourful blooms. The dresses explore a variety of embellishment techniques and reveal fashion trends of the past.


Space exhibit in Burlington

Although the opening date has yet to be determined, a new exhibit titled Health in Space: Daring to Explore will be at the Burlington Museum in September 2021 (pending COVID restrictions). The exhibit demystifies the health challenges that astronauts face while living and working in space. Through authentic artifacts and captivating interactive activities, this exhibition will engage visitors to better understand Canada’s role in advancing health research.


Discover Canada’s emerging artists

“Art By” Toronto is an online platform created to unite and grow the art scene in Toronto. Its mission is to help Canadians discover and buy from the best emerging artists and was also conceived to bring a party vibe to the art shows. Its unique esthetic focuses on “POP” style art and abstract sculptures.

Credit: artwork by painter, humanitarian and gender equality activist Heather Haynes


Twisted Histories podcast

CBC launched a new 11-episode podcast series on May 31, Telling our Twisted Histories, on that reclaims Indigenous history by exploring 11 words whose meanings have been twisted by centuries of colonization. “Savage. Reserve. Indian Time. Words connect us, but also have the power to wound, erase and replace us,” says host Kaniehti:io Horn (Letterkenny, The Man in the High Castle). “As Indigenous people, we are used to our stories getting a little twisted. This podcast is all about exploring some of these words, with humour and truth, so that we all better understand how they impact us to this day.”