Cleanse your body

If you read any gossip mags, you know that the hottest thing in Hollywood is cleansing and detoxing, but do you know why? It's not just to lose weight, but also to stabilize cholesterol and blood pressure, clear skin, increase mental clarity and overall vitality, and reduce inflammation and joint paint. Renew Life's First Cleanse system is perfect for first timers, gently stimulating the body's seven channels of elimination, the liver, colon, blood, skin, lungs, and kidneys, in a 15-day cleanse.  To reduce your risk of disease and to maintain and increase energy levels, it is recommended to cleanse two to three times a year, with the ideal times being around New Year, spring, and fall. Use Renew Life's CleanseSMART for a more advanced total body cleanse. Go online to find your closest retailer.