Get active this summer with Olympic champion Donovan Bailey

By Jenna Mohammed


Twenty-five years ago, at the Atlantic Olympic Games, Bruny Surin passed the baton to Oakville’s Donovan Bailey and threw his arms into the air in celebration. Bailey sprinted the final 100 metres to win Canada the Olympic relay gold.


Bailey now wants to “pass the baton” to Canadians to raise funds for youth charities across the nation through a virtual race taking place until August 3, 2021 in partnership with the Oakville Community Foundation.


“Twenty-five years ago, double gold in Atlanta. What a moment in time that was!” says Bailey. “And 25 years later, we celebrate this for one reason, and not because it is about the past, but rather because it is about the present – and the future – our future. I look around, and I see what Canada can be – should be – must be. And it starts with our youth. All youth. Inclusive.”


Pass the Baton Canada is offering five virtual race events including a 1k, 5k, 25k and a 4×100 metre relay. Participants of all ages and abilities can participate in any way they see fit – walk, run, wheel, bike, roll, and more. Join some of your favourite Canadian sport icons in this exciting event, including canoeist Adam van Koeverden, rhythmic gymnast Julia Kostecki and sprinter Andre De Grasse.


Charities that will benefit from Pass the Baton include Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada and many other organizations and scholarships supporting youth sports. Funds raised will also support the Donovan Bailey Sports Excellence Award hosted by the Oakville Community Foundation.


Bailey says the event is a rallying call to all Canadians to be active. “To get involved while raising funds benefiting youth charities across the nation.”


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