Shopaholic holidays: Gifts for the host

Bread bag it

A freshly baked treat will be especially appreciated by the host when it arrives in this re-usable linen bread bag by Lot 8. Handmade using pre-washed linen, they keep your bread fresher than storing it in plastic or paper.

Spirit sparked

Help your host keep their matches handy for lighting holiday candles in this stylish jar and matches set that includes 150 wooden matches by Apothecary Guild.

Cocktail hour

This brightly designed cotton hand towel features a cocktail recipe – especially handy during the festive season.

Quick bonfire

Bundle up and head outside on a winter night to sit around an easy-to-light City Bonfire. This small container requires no wood, no embers, no soot! Nicetys downtown Oakville.

Holiday cheers

Dillon’s Classic Simple Syrup is a versatile cocktail syrup made using organic cane sugar to help you create the most delightful cocktails by Niagara-based Dillon’s Distillers.

Chocolate cake for all

You’ll be the most popular guest if you bring the Party Cake by Soma Chocolatemaker – its richest, most delicate, most chocolatey silky smooth cake they can make.

Peppermint delights

The Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark Paws offer a new twist on its legendary Peppermint Bark. Playful paws are crafted from Guittard white and dark chocolate and infused with peppermint oil and crunchy candy bits and cocoa puffed rice.